Passportes is a high level of service and a guarantee of results. It offers its clients a full range of services for obtaining a residence permit and citizenship in a number of EU countries – in Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary and Romania. Passportes is one of the leaders in its field of activity.

Passportes advantages:

  • full cycle of services for immigrants;
  • work without prepayment;
  • affordable prices for all services;
  • submission of documents in the presence of a company lawyer;
  • free consultations on all issues related to the process of obtaining citizenship;
  • preparation of documents by experienced specialists;
  • ability to successfully solve the problems of each client;
  • high legal qualifications of employees;
  • completely legal and legal procedure;
  • ensuring the confidentiality of information.

For clients, the following opportunities are opening up:

  • life and work in the European Union;
  • study in EU countries;
  • providing social support and medicine of the European level;
  • investing in European companies;
  • investing in real estate;
  • freedom of movement within the European Union and visa-free travel to the United States.

A number of EU countries allow their citizens to have dual citizenship. Citizenship for children under 12 is free of charge. The firm reputation of the company is confirmed by customer reviews of Passportes.

3 reviews

  1. Less than a year later, I became an EU citizen and all the efforts of Passportes! Moved with his wife to Portugal to put down roots here. I am satisfied with the work of the company, the lawyers did their job perfectly. Helped to collect and submit a package of documents. We constantly consulted at every stage of registration, so we did not even think about what to do next, since the lawyer spoke everything beforehand.
    The cost of services is within reasonable limits, nothing extra was paid. Now I recommend the service to my friends. Fast, reliable and legal.

  2. There was a good offer from a European company, it was necessary to make a residence permit. I turned to passportess with the question of obtaining a residence permit, after talking with a legal consultant, I decided to make citizenship. Six months and I was given Slovenian citizenship. Express moving after express obtaining citizenship.

  3. the employer pulled me to Slovakia, helped me get a residence permit, gave me temporary housing, a good salary. But you have to move forward on your own. this initial support gave me the hope of obtaining citizenship, but with a busy work schedule, it is difficult to leave. Pasportess lawyers freed me from having to bother with bureaucratic issues. payment upon receipt of the result, 90% of the entire procedure was carried out without my participation, this is excellent.

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