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All laws of the European Union are based on the respect for all human rights and freedoms. Citizenship in one of the countries of the union provides access to such benefits as:

  • visa-free travel;
  • studying in world-renowned universities;
  • social benefits;
  • starting a business in another country;
  • work and unlimited stay in any EU member state;
  • real estate purchase and many more.

One of the ways to obtain EU citizenship is through repatriation. The procedure consists in documentary confirmation of family connections with citizens of one of the countries of the union. This is accomplished through archives and the Ministry of Justice. Making this way is impossible on your own; hence you will need the help of qualified lawyers.

Public Investments Solutions SRL (PIS) is a team of experts that helps people gain an EU citizenship. The key repatriation states are Romania and Slovenia.

How can this company help?

To begin with, the client’s identity is verified. Deportation from the EU serves as a denial of citizenship. Therefore, any action will be meaningless. If there are no problems, the staff proceeds to check for and find the person’s relatives.

Lawyers file a request with the archive. There, they bring up all the records that are somehow connected with the client’s ancestry. In almost 100% of all cases blood relatives are found; notably those that the customer did not even know about.

Afterwards, the found documents are notarized. This confirms their authenticity, excludes falsification and confirms the absolute legality of the actions of PIS employees.

At the appointed time, the lawyer goes to the Ministry of Justice (Romania) or Upravna Enota (Slovenian unit of administration). There, once again the client’s information is referenced with databases and all documents are authenticated. If everything is in order, they issue a DOSAR (Romania) or a VLOGA (Slovenia) – a permit to obtain a second citizenship. From this moment begins the preparation for the oath of citizenship. This period lasts approximately six months.

During this time, it is essential not to break the law, especially in EU countries. Any offense can serve as a reason for rejection.

Oath of citizenship

If the application is approved, the client receives an invitation from the Ministry of Justice. At the appointed time, he or she needs to report to the department. On the basis of an invitation to swear an oath, the client can easily obtain a visa to the country whose citizenship he or she receives. In fact, the client is already a resident of this state.

Swearing the oath in Romania and Slovenia is slightly different. In the first case, a person needs to sing the anthem, read the oath by heart in the national language, answer a few questions in it, and shake hands with a representative. In Slovenia, the oath is read from a piece of paper, which is not difficult.

Follow-up support

However, the work with PIS does not end there. Lawyers also help draw up internal documents. It is difficult to do this on your own, given that the client is unfamiliar with the specifics of the country and the national language is incomprehensible to them or her.

PIS saves your time and helps you get exactly what you want.

52 reviews

  1. Nigeria

    I would like to share my immigration experience with PIS. I wanted to move to Slovenia because I had always dreamed of working in Europe for a long time and the lawyers of the immigration company helped me make my dream come true. It is easier to register with the company because almost all procedures with them can be done online. All the documents may be sent by mail, and you don’t need to waste your time on traffic jams. If there are any misunderstandings, you will be consulted on any issue by phone/ mail/ messengers.
    The lawyers collect documents quickly, take them for translation and notarization. My documents were collected in a couple of weeks. The specialists of the company keep me informed all the time. I always knew how my affairs were progressing. I recommend Public Investments Solutions to all immigrants!

  2. Saudi Arabia

    I’ve traveled to many countries but there are countries in Europe that attract me the most. They have a high standard of living and a perfect climate. After graduating from the university I decided to emigrate to one of the European countries that I like the most – Romania. I was advised to contact the PIS immigration company to apply for Romanian citizenship. As it turned out, very competent lawyers work here. I chose to apply for Romanian citizenship by investment, and PIS really helped me with that. I communicated with the consultant via messenger, and I was fully informed of the step-by-step procedure for obtaining citizenship. I received a resident permit and now I’m waiting to apply for a permanent residence. I can’t wait to get my European passport. Sincerely recommend you to collaborate with the PIS.

  3. Nigeria

    I have spent 25 years living in Benin City on visas, but now I live in Ljubljana with a European passport. I suffer from asthma, you see and the attacks only got worse after Covid. My doctor recommended that I move to a country with a mild European climate. In 8 months I obtained Slovenian citizenship with the support of an immigration company. Why this country in particular?
    Great mountain climate
    Good healthcare system
    Hospitable people who treat foreigners with kindness
    Job opportunities.
    PUBLIC INVESTMENTS SOLUTIONS helped me with the immigration process. I found them through reviews. I was especially thrilled that they actually drafted a contract. My lawyer’s name was Grigor and he was amazing to work with. He helped me with searching the necessary documents at the repository. Also he took all my papers for translation and notarizing. My duty was to take him the documents that he asked for and take the oath of citizenship in Ljubljana. After all the procedures he applied my case to Upravna Enota. He is a true professional in the field of immigration.

  4. Saudi Arabia

    My mother had a hard time with the pandemic. Our family doctor said that it was necessary to change the climate. He quickly looked through all the options and recommended Balcanian countries. We chose Slovenia because we know that our relatives live there too. The climate there is excellent, the mountain air has a positive effect on the health of my mother. I paid attention to the company PIS. And the lawyers propose to us try the repatriation method (as this is one of the prospective ways to immigrate). The lawyers of PIS applied to the repository to search documents that can prove the Slovenian nationality of my mom. In fact, I didn’t know that my grandfather was Slovenian, but thankfully for that, my mom obtained a chance to be bipathrid. She did not have to do anything herself, the company completed all the documents and applied them to Upravna Enota. Now my mother lives in Slovenia. She says there are a lot of healing springs here. I recommend the lawyers from PIS to everyone.

  5. Nigeria

    In Nigeria, it’s hard to find a job, even with a diploma, and the education itself is not very good. My father always told me that I should go to Europe to study, so that I could get a good job in the future. Obtaining a European citizenship would greatly increase my chances of getting into a good university. So I chose Romania, a country that can provide its citizens with a brilliant future. I was advised to go to PIS to start my immigration process. I left an application on the company’s website, and I received an answer the same day. Every aspect of the process was explained to me by a very knowledgeable consultant. He also noted that studying in Romania is cheaper than for example in Germany. The verification process takes up to a year but I received my passport much sooner, after 10 months. The company has very responsive specialists.

  6. Saudi Arabia

    We requested assistance from Public Investments Solutions at the beginning of 2021. We required Romanian citizenship because we wanted to gain access to other EU countries. My sister and I decided to apply for Romanian citizenship by repatriation with the support of PIS. We know that our grandfather was certainly from Romania. Obtained professional support, we started the procedure of restoring citizenship. The lawyers helped us complete the documents and also in translating and notarizing (that was really helpful, because all of that excluded a chance to make a mistake). We flew to Bucharest separately (because that is two cases of course). We learn the oath and the Romanian language on a basic level with the materials that PIS gives to us. And we smoothly passed the oath-taking ceremony. This company is definitely worth the money they ask for.

  7. Nigeria

    This company helped me to move to Europe, and I really appreciate that. All consultations were free. We signed a contract and started working right away. I sent them all the documents they asked for: passport, photos, birth certificate, ancestors’ birth and marriage certificates, my statement (that I completed with the help of the lawyer), and a certificate of no criminal record. The lawyer called me in the evenings after work when it was convenient for me. He always told me at what stage my documents currently were.
    I arrived in Bucharest in early December. They met me at the Ministry of Justice. We had no language barrier as they spoke English perfectly. Finally, I got my certificate of Romanian citizenship after the oath-taking ceremony. Then, I filled in an application for internal documents with my lawyer. After 10 days, the ID was already in my hands!

  8. Saudi Arabia

    A couple of months ago I graduated from business school, and my business idea was to open a photo studio chain in former Yugoslavian countries. This business is in demand and can be very profitable. But for that I needed more rights in the EU, and these could only get me European citizenship. My father approved of this idea. His only condition was that I used a reliable law firm. I found Public Investments Solutions. They suggested try to find my ancestors’ documents in the repository so they could figure out my chance to register by repatriation. The procedure took around 6 months, but honestly, it wasn’t that long and it would have probably taken way longer if I had done it myself.
    The PIS lawyers know the law like the back of their hands. They were really helpful during the registration process.

  9. Nigeria

    Public Investments Solutions pleasantly impressed me.
    I decided to reach out to PIS because I saw how many positive reviews they had. They applied my documents to the Upravna Enota and kept an eye on the process. After 6 months I came to the oath-taking ceremony in Slovenia. Thankfully, I was fully prepared for the procedure and everything went perfectly! The company’s specialists organized my immigration in less than a year. I got the full package of Slovenian documents!
    Throughout the process I was consulted by a girl named Camila. I appreciated her work ethic and attitude towards me. Thank you so much!

  10. Nigeria

    Using the services of this company was a pretty good option. For a long time, I had been thinking about leaving my home country and going to earn money, because the payments are much higher. I liked the fact that the company’s lawyer informed me about his every action, which made me feel safe. Surprisingly the collection of documents was very fast and the migration service in Romania received my documents quickly. The exams were a piece of cake. Overall, the whole process went very easily and now I’m holding my Romanian passport in my hands! It is very important that the company works steadily, competently and quickly, which made me trust them.

  11. Saudi Arabia

    My parents had to recover for a long time after Covid. The family doctor recommended mountain air, and our climate was too hard for their affected lungs. I started searching for options right away and finally decided to send my father and mother to Slovenia for a year. Reviews of their healing springs and mountains were very impressive. To resolve all legal issues, I turned to PIS lawyers. The neighbours recommended them. The company is based in Romania, but they promised to meet my parents in Ljubljana. They did everything as promised, at the highest level. I didn’t even lift a finger to help with the documents and visas, everything was done by lawyers. The parents received temporary residence, and are now being treated at a Slovenian resort.

  12. Saudi Arabia

    They offered me a position in a European oil company, a very good jumping point for my future career. But I had to move. I didn’t have time to submit documents myself, so I decided to trust reliable lawyers. And that was Public Investment Solutions. I paid the entire amount at once. No cash. With multiple checks and contracts. They arranged for me to receive a Slovenian ID card, through which I could easily move around the European Union. They worked well, and six months later I became a European citizen.

  13. Nigeria

    I managed to quickly get Romanian citizenship by degree and via the PIS program as an artist. I am a painter, and my works have won competitions more than once. This was a good reason to move, and PIS strongly recommended this way. I decided to continue my studies at the Bucharest National University of Arts. I had to spend a lot of money on registration, tickets, but honestly, it was worth it!

  14. Nigeria

    At the age of 30, I managed to legally move to Europe from Ibadan thanks to the Public Investment Solution team. Even in just one month, I could already see their progress – my documents had been sent to all the necessary institutions and ministries..

  15. Nigeria

    To be honest, our level of education is not very good. There are also problems with employment, even if you get a degree, it is still difficult to find a job. Therefore, my parents made it their goal to send me to study in Europe. I took some English courses. In the end, I went to the Dresden University of Technology, I studied biotechnology.

    I loved the country, so after graduation, I was offered a job at the enterprise where I did my internship. But they implied that I needed to get either a residence permit or a passport of an EU citizen. I have been thinking about getting citizenship for while, they recommended I contact PIS. I left an application on their website. They called me back the same day. A very nice consultant clarified which country I wanted to move to and for which I need citizenship. After I told him about Germany, he explained that that country has a lot of requirements for migrants; they could refuse without giving reasons.

    He suggested choosing Romania or Slovenia because their passports gave the same right and the registration itself was easier and faster. I chose Slovenia if something, I could move there. They work legally. The verification process did not reveal anything suspicious. They didn’t deliberately delay the process, as they said, it could take from 8 months to a year. I received my passport in 11 months. They gave me the text of the oath and told me how to prepare for the test. In general, I was well prepared, so everything went well. Now, as an EU citizen, my superiors promised me a higher salary and even began to give bonuses more often.

  16. Saudi Arabia

    What I liked the most was that the employees of Public Investments Solutions draft the contract in which all the routine questions, stages, cost of work are written down first and they start their work only after signing. The price does not change over time. There are no additional charges for urgency, etc.

  17. Saudi Arabia

    Most of the issues related to my registration of Slovenian citizenship were resolved remotely, there was no need to constantly travel somewhere, gather papers or signatures. We were opening a new branch in Maribor with subsequent relocation. The company took care of all bureaucratic stuff, you only needed to give your documents to them, and then swear the oath and pass exams. The lawyer who worked with me was highly competent, handled the whole process very well, and was never off the radar. He also helped with the paperwork. We did everything within a year.

  18. Nigeria

    From my work with PIS, I’d like to point out that all the processes here take place online and the documents can also be sent by mail. If you can’t understand something, you can message them and the consultant will always answer, even if not instantly. They can even provide the services of a translator if there are any problems with the language. The process never distracts you from your work or any other personal business. They also report to you at all stages about what has been done and what is coming next. You don’t have to wonder what you paid for and how the work was going.

  19. Nigeria

    Here, in this company, they don’t use various illegal methods to get citizenship, for example, a sham marriage. For many companies this is the number one option, they even have their own database of brides. However, I know that after such machinations they will immediately be deported from the country. I was offered the option of repatriation. PIS asked to find out the names of parents, grandparents, etc. We drafted a contract. I paid only a part of the sum first. The rest was paid after I saw the results.

  20. Saudi Arabia

    I used to work in tourism and got to see many countries. Then, due to my father’s health, we needed to change the climate. I decided to take him to Slovenia – they have the cleanest air in all of Europe, not to mention all the hot springs. I urgently searched for the right legal advisor to help with my father’s passport. Then, some of my friends recommended Public Investment Solutions.
    I got a call back from them ten minutes after my application was sent. We discussed the whole situation. I was thoroughly pleased with their work. My father is obsessed with the country, I’m incredibly grateful to this company for everything they have done!

  21. Nigeria

    I was invited to join a Romania football club. I’m a professional athlete, so there was no way I would decline such an offer. All I had to do was get citizenship. The transfer specialist sent me a link to the PIS website. I studied it, checked out the price and the deadlines. All the expenses were taken care of by the club; they also provided the documents. Turned out it was much faster to do this by myself.
    I did have to memorize the oath. I had no issues with the company. We always agreed on a certain time and then had a conversation about everything. After the Ministry of Justice approved my application we scheduled a trip to Bucharest for the oath. It was a long flight! I got my certificate and then my ID-card. I safely got acclimated and I’m now in training.

  22. Saudi Arabia

    They drew up a legitimate contract. Usually, they speak English, if needed, provide an interpreter. My son and I had no issues with them. After university, he decided to move to Germany to work in a representative office of an oil company. With PIS’ help, we got his second citizenship and an EU passport. He was thoroughly pleased with their work, no extensions or additional payments. We paid as much as we agreed upon initially. The manager and the attorney were very polite and respectful. Supported our son through the move, and offered their help if he needed it. He’s been in Germany for two weeks now, getting settled. Everything is perfect.

  23. Nigeria

    We are not okay with the education in our country so our whole family decided to move to Europe together. The country didn’t matter much. We just wanted to get in first and then move from there if we didn’t like it. That is how our neighbours moved to Bosnia. We keep in touch with them and they love their new life. They recommended an intermediary firm Public Investments Solutions. We e-mailed them a request and received a questionnaire. We filled it out, sent it over and were contacted by a lawyer. That is how we began working together. We appreciated how serious they are about their responsibilities. They acted within Nigerian and Slovenian law (that was the country we moved to).

    They even gave us a large family discount. We stayed in regular contact. If I had questions, I asked them and always got an answer in two hours. Now, 11months later, we are already in Ljubljana.

  24. Nigeria

    I studied remotely at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University. I loved this format, the European mentality so I decided to get a job there. I didn’t want to be an illegal immigrant because I was planning on settling down there. I looked up immigration companies and their reviews and stopped at PIS: I liked their website and many people mentioned in the reviews that they didn’t give any empty promises. I liked that kind of approach and messaged them. They called me back the same day, we discussed the contract details and what I needed to send them.

    I gathered all my docs and sent them. The same day they confirmed that they received everything and started working. You can pay in instalments. Every week my lawyer texted me, explaining what has been done so far. Before the oath, I received detailed instructions so that I would know where the airport exit was, where to meet up with their representative and so on. Everything went by like a breeze, I didn’t forget my lines. They asked me some formal questions, the ones the lawyer and I had already discussed before and that’s it!

  25. Nigeria

    I’ve always been fascinated by European history. Once I got my archaeology degree, I received a very interesting job offer in Transylvania. But I had to be a citizen. Found PIS. Sent them a message in English and got a response within an hour. They said that it was possible to get Romanian citizenship in a year if there are no problems with your documents. After signing the contract I sent them my passport, degree and other things. They said that everything was fine. At that point, my part was done. I got frequent WhatsApp messages on their doings though. All in all, there was not a single source of concern for me.

  26. Nigeria

    We lived in Kano but chose to leave Africa due to the birth of our baby. We were set on Europe so that we could educate our boy there. It was scary for us to move on our own. We didn’t know the local laws but we still had to move. We looked for the right firm for weeks and finally settled at PIS. They offered a free online consultation. We spoke to a lawyer who proposed to get Slovenian citizenship. After all, Slovenia offers great education and has a wonderful climate.
    This is how everything went down:
    1. 1. We signed the contract (sent it via mail)
    2. 2. Every 7-10 days we talked and they told us how things were going and where our applications went
    3. 3. We were invited to swear the oath and received our first documents in Ljubljana.

    In the end, we were got our European documents and only then paid the last instalment. This whole process was very easy for us. The lawyers thought everything through and we went about our business. So convenient!

  27. Saudi Arabia

    We had to get citizenship. I chose PIS because our relatives recommended them. They did everything perfectly, in just 10 months. I urged them to do it as fast as possible before the wedding. The consultant heard me; they worked very quickly with no delays.
    Every week we had a video conference. We got Romanian citizenship; that was the fastest way to get an EU passport. We flew to Bucharest together, a PIS employee met us there, guided us and helped out with Romanian. They earned their money for sure.

  28. Nigeria

    We approached Public Investment Solutions when we decided to send our son to Slovenia. He wanted to become an analyst, that’s why we chose Europe. But it was absolutely impossible to get in without citizenship so we needed some legal help doing everything properly.
    We found this company based on reviews. Among other countries they worked with Nigeria as well. They looked over our application and agreed to help us. We gathered and emailed them all the documents. They accepted some docs, some docs asked to scan one more time to get a better image. We had to scan the signed contract as well.
    Our lawyer was a very smart man; he showed us the local university programs, explained that he’d spend a year learning the language and told us the best ways to make it done well. Money-wise it was okay, just as we expected. A year and a month later our son flew for the oath. He told me that for him the flight itself was more nerve-wracking than the oath and getting the documents.

  29. Nigeria

    We began thinking about moving to the EU after our third baby was born. My husband needed regular doctor visits and the healthcare in our country is far from perfect so every time our doctors would see him, he’d feel even worse. Our family had our own café in Lagos, we have customers from all over the world. Once one of them heard that we wanted to move, he gave us PIS’ contact info.
    We talked with one of their lawyers and they suggested getting Romanian citizenship. We’d have access to European healthcare and moving there was much easier than somewhere like Germany. They treated us with respect.
    They arranged everything in one year. We learned the language online. It took us some time after we moved to get used to the country and the language.

  30. Saudi Arabia

    Currently, it is difficult for musicians to live in my country. And I wanted more, so I thought about moving to the European country . Lawyers told me to get Slovenian citizenship first to make it easier with the legislation. I found the PIS on the Internet and described my situation. I was told to send my documents, we discussed it all, and signed a contract. You can pay in several installments. A year later, and this was very fast, I went to Ljubljana to swear the oath. PIS helped me with my dream, tnx.

  31. Saudi Arabia

    I wanted to emigrate so that I could travel Europe without any issues. Travel is a huge passion of mine. I had just graduated from university and could go anywhere I wanted. However, I wanted to stay there for at least six months. In order for me to feel more secure there, my father suggested I get citizenship so that I wouldn’t get deported. We contacted PIS and their lawyers provided all information about the process. They told me everything about every stage in detail. I didn’t have to worry about drafting any documents. We communicated through messengers. They suggested to get Romanian citizenship. People there treat immigrants well and you can easily get to any other European country from there. The entire immigration process including swearing the oath and getting my passport took almost 13 months. Other companies told me it would have taken at least 18.

  32. Saudi Arabia

    As a photographer, I have always dreamed of creating a collection of European photographs because I have already captured my country’s beauty in all its glory. I wanted to go international. I thought about immigrating to Europe. Some of my acquaintances from Dubai moved for work, and advised me to go to PIS. They used their services two years ago.
    I wrote to them by email. There was no language barrier, the representative spoke to me via What’s App in English. I didn’t even think that getting citizenship remotely could be so effective.
    I sent them my documents by mail. They called me from time to time and told me how things are going. Of course, Romanian was not an easy language for me, but what a thrill it was to get new documents and citizenship of EU! During flight to Romania, I was very worried, but the lawyers met me, calmed me down, accompanied me everywhere. During the oath, I fumbled the words a little, but it did not affect anything. So my first photographs in Europe are from Romania. Thanks for this, PIS!

  33. Saudi Arabia

    I decided to move to Europe. I found a good job in the sphere of tourism in Slovenia. My only difficulty was citizenship. There they demanded either to already come with one or allowed to get it done while working. I contacted several companies, almost all of them offered to resolve the issue through a sham marriage. This didn’t inspire confidence in me as I risked staying in a foreign country illegally, without any documents. Public Investments Solutions was recommended to me by an acquaintance, he used this company to get Romanian citizenship. I sent a request for consultation on their website, the consultant called me back the same day. I liked talking to him, he spoke politely, clearly explained which options they could offer me. They gave me a list of the necessary documents. When difficulties arose, they helped me find them. The whole process was carried out online, I did not need to go anywhere, only to swear the oath. I liked that the employees were always in touch with me. The whole thing took about 10 months, I did not have to take a break away from work, almost everything was done for me. Their work is legit, no fraud, the documents I got were the real deal.

  34. Saudi Arabia

    PIS has some competent specialists, they will select the appropriate option for both the country and the kind of citizenship you are getting. I was getting the Slovenian one. They don’t waste time collecting and notarizing the papers, it takes no longer than 2 weeks. I was worried that I would have to go to their office, fly to Ljubljana regularly. But everything was done online, I gave them power of attorney to manage my business interests and their lawyer did everything. Of course I was afraid of fraud, all people are different but nothing bad happened. A year later I became a full citizen of Slovenia. It all happened really fast.

  35. Saudi Arabia

    I am an engineer, and it is much more profitable for me to work in European countries. To make this more convenient, I decided to move to Bucharest. The country felt authentic, the legislation was fair, the history was interesting, many job opportunities. Friends recommended this legit law firm called Public Investments Solutions. After a call and a consultation, I sent them my documents, and they got to work immediately. I went about my business as usual, I really liked the service – the lawyer kept me informed on everything in the most detailed way. I was only working through the Internet and over the phone. I was impressed that the lawyer called me every week and reported on what was happening. Their English was very good, so there was no language barrier. All documents were submitted without me while I was learning the language. Passing the exam was also quite easy. They explained everything in detail and met me upon arrival, I had enough time to prepare. I was a little anxious, but I knew that if anything happened, they would help me. All in all, it took about 11 months.

  36. Saudi Arabia

    The lawyer I was talking to left a kind impression: he was an incredibly polite and tactful person, a master of his business. I was also pleased that there was no language barrier. He spoke fluent English. I almost didn’t participate in the process at all: the lawyer himself found the necessary information and resolved any arising issues in the Upravna Enota. I received reports from him every week.
    Bottom line: I received citizenship in 10 months, I believe I got it in a very short time.

  37. Saudi Arabia

    Moving to Europe and working with public investments solutions opened up new horizons for my career. I could not find a job in my field in my home country so I decided to move to Europe. I lived there for a year on a residence permit. I was facing a huge challenge – the company I wanted to work for only accepted EU citizens. It was inconvenient for me to get a passport through naturalization – from time to time I needed to go home to see my parents. I learned that there were two other ways of getting a European passport: investment and repatriation. I immediately excluded the first one, since I don’t have such funds. I considered the second one, but I thought it wasn’t possible because I didn’t expect that I could find relatives in the EU.
    While doing my research on this issue, I found Public Investments Solutions. At first, I only called them for a consultation. I was afraid that there would be a language barrier since they were in Romania. My fears were unfounded. The employees spoke English very well and there were no issues with understanding their speech.
    I didn’t need to go to the archives myself. I only needed to provide scans of some documents to start the search.
    I agreed, we signed the contract. A week later, I was informed that the necessary archive records were found. Soon, the lawyer received a permit to get citizenship in my name. Six months later, I swore the oath. They also helped me draw up internal documents. At that point, I paid the rest and we said our goodbyes. Now I am a proper citizen of Slovenia, an EU member state.

  38. Saudi Arabia

    Working with the Public Investments Solutions company turned out to be a very positive experience for me. I felt comfortable talking to them from the very first minute of meeting them. The lawyer who helped me get my second passport proved to be highly qualified: thanks to him, I received citizenship in less than a year, even though I expected the process to last at least 3 years. Special thanks for helping me with the internal documents. I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to get them because that was difficult for me even in my home country. But everything went great and I’m so happy now!

  39. Saudi Arabia

    I want to highly praise the lawyer who was working with me. I think he is a perfect example of consummate professionalism. In just a week, he found the right family branch, to link me to and got everything notarized. Without me having to do anything, the layer himself sent the documents to the Ministry of Justice and received a permit to get citizenship, which was issued by the Inspector of the Department after a thorough checking of my application and my documents. Special thanks for helping with the oath: it was difficult to memorize, even though there were only 20 words, the pronunciation made it harder. Live and work in Frankfurt.

  40. Saudi Arabia

    I want to express my gratitude to the PIS lawyers for their fast high-quality work. Got my citizenship in 8 months, has already moved and got a good job in Germany. Special thanks for your help in making the internal documents

  41. Saudi Arabia

    Polite, tactful lawyers. They work very quickly: in 2 weeks they gathered all the documents and notarized them. The papers were them quickly sent to the Ministry of Justice. Got the citizenship in 8 months.

  42. Saudi Arabia

    Thank you for your professionalism and high quality of work. The lawyers totally saved me from having to fill out paperwork myself and handled any arising issues. In less than a year I had a certificate of Romanian citizenship in my hands.

  43. Saudi Arabia

    With PIS I gained citizenship in 8 months. We spoke on phone, though e-mails and video calls. I met my lawyer at the oath for the first time. I made a mental note to myself I never had to call the lawyer myself; he called me once a week and reported on the progress of the work. There were no doubts or concerns about the work of this company.

  44. Saudi Arabia

    Thanks to the PIS experts! They got a citizenship for me and my wife within a year. All our communication was via phone and video calls. I saw my lawyer for the first time only at the oath-taking ceremony. The documents were e-mailed to me. We had an issue due to the fact that we could not find our grandparents’ documents. The lawyers reassured us that that requirement was desirable, but not essential. It did not affect the timing. As promised, the required family branch was found in two weeks. We were able to gain citizenship in a year. Not once did we ever feel concerned or like we needed to call our lawyers.

  45. Saudi Arabia

    PIS was recommended to me by my friends. I had been working in the EU for several years when a citizenship was required of me. I thought that the disadvantage of working with PIS would be that they were located in Bucharest, meaning it would be inconvenient to travel or fly. Fortunately, there was no need to see them in person. Everything was done remotely. I saw my lawyer in person for the first time only during oath, before that we kept in touch via phone and video calls.

  46. Saudi Arabia

    I urgently needed to get a citizenship in the EU. Naturalization didn’t suit me because it would have taken a long time and investing wasn’t my option as it was too expensive. To be honest, I almost decided to have a sham marriage. Thankfully, I found PIS just in time because I didn’t want to break the law. Of course, I doubted that they could find relatives in Slovenia, and this offer even scared me at first. I thought it was some kind of scam. But the lawyer immediately explained that for repatriation it was enough to find a citizen of Slovenia with a gap in the family tree to link my bloodline to. When they sent me a contract with all signatures and seals, all my doubts finally fell away. I didn’t notice anything suspicious so I transferred the first installment – 10% of the total amount. I didn’t expect that the necessary documents would be found so quickly – two weeks later a lawyer called me and said that the documents had been found and had already been notarized. After a while, these documents were taken to the Upravna Enota. They were verified again, approved and a VLOGA was issued in my name (I was not present; only a PIS lawyer was there). After that, I paid another installment of 50% of the total sum. Six months later, I was invited to swear the oath. A PIS representative met me right at the airport, took me to the university for my exam (all the answers were prepared in advance so I passed with no issues). Then we went together to swear the oath. It was nothing special: I just read the oath from a sheet of paper and answered a couple of questions (a lawyer was standing next to me and helped me answer). Then they drew up the internal documents for me and I paid the other 40%. I moved to Europe; I have no issues with my citizenship. I easily got a job.

  47. Saudi Arabia

    I’m so glad that they did me a favour and assigned me a female lawyer. There were no unnecessary questions and they didn’t try to convince me somehow to work with a man. I liked working with this company: they were always polite in communication, made clear reports. Most importantly, I was always aware at what stage my case was. In 8 months I gained Romanian citizenship. Now I live in France, where I found a job without any issues.

  48. Saudi Arabia

    My wife and I got a Romanian citizenship with this company. I liked it very much, these guys are professionals. We practically did not participate, only sent scans of documents and learned the language. In less than a year, the job was done.

  49. Saudi Arabia

    At the beginning I wanted to get a Romanian citizenship, I heard more about that country. But PIS experts persuaded to try to obtain a citizenship of Slovenia, since the standard of living in the country is much higher and with such citizenship employers are more willing to hire in the EU countries. Honestly, I didn’t think it was possible but in two months the lawyers found all the necessary documents and I received a citizenship. The Upravna Enota carefully verified my biography, but thank goodness I had no convictions and other offenses, so everything went smoothly. I read the oath from a piece of paper, shook hands with the representative and became a full citizen of Slovenia. PIS lawyers helped to draw up the documents: passport, ID-card, taxpayer ID. The birth certificate was translated. I still have my first citizenship. I live in two countries and run a small business in both places.

  50. Saudi Arabia

    I needed a Romanian citizenship for work but for that I needed a police clearance certificate. When I was young, I got into a fight and got a criminal record. Due to my stupidity, my career was in jeopardy. I contacted PIS and they helped me make a clean reference. It helped that the incident happened a long time ago and had no serious consequences. The certificate is not fake; everything is legal. All documents were verified by the Romanian Ministry of Justice in Bucharest and they prompted no questions.

  51. Saudi Arabia

    I like Romania a lot so I decided to try and obtain the citizenship through repatriation. I tried to get the archival information myself but nothing came of it. I found very little. I contacted PIS, called them on the phone and filled out a short questionnaire. Then, I was asked to send scans of my birth certificate, the birth certificate of my parents, their marriage certificate and the same set of documents for my grandmother. I won’t say that they found everything quickly; it took them about a month. But still, they found legal documentation that confirmed blood relations in Romania. The lawyers from PIS not only helped me get a certificate of citizenship, but also made the preparation of internal documents double-quick. I was pleased with their work, I received my citizenship relatively quickly (in 8 months), and meanwhile my participation consisted of scanning documents and cramming the oath. The rest was done by the lawyers and attorneys.

  52. Saudi Arabia

    I couldn’t find a good job in my country. I decided to try to find a job in Europe. I chose Germany because I work in IT and I knew I could find a high-paying job there. They advised me to apply for a Slovenian citizenship which would give me the right to work in any EU country. It took no effort for lawyers to issue the right documents for this procedure and in literally 2 months I got an approval of citizenship (Vloga). A little more than six months later, I was invited to swear the oath. As a result, I managed to get an even better job – in Switzerland. Now, with the same company, my friend is getting her citizenship too; I advised her to go here.

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