Migratio is a team of immigration professionals. The company employs leading business experts and lawyers prepared to resolve any migration issues. In consequence of their work, you are free to migrate to a country of your choice.


  • Gaining citizenship or residence permit.
  • Studying abroad.
  • Medical tourism: treatments and assessments.
  • Work permit.

The company has been successfully operating since 2004.


  • Experienced lawyers, well versed in foreign and domestic law, make up the overwhelming majority of the team.
  • One hour response, secrecy and confidentiality are guaranteed.
  • A personal meeting can be scheduled in order to select the most convenient, not the most expensive program.

5 reviews

  1. When my husband and I were considering moving, I did not even think about the UK. Then, it seemed like a dream that would never come true, and we knew nothing about investing at all. In general, it always seemed to me back then that in order to get permanent residence or citizenship, you needed to live in that country. But in the end, we were told about the 2.5 million investments. In order to apply for permanent residence and citizenship in the future we gained a two month residence permit. Time-wise it was perfect; took us only 2 months, so we turned to Migratio. They filed my husband’s documents with me going as a spouse, they dealt mainly with him. In two months, we finally had a permanent residence permit for two, so we are soon leaving for London.

  2. Living and working in Spain has always been my dream. It took me a long time to reach this goal, I even learned the language, but my first attempt to obtain a visa failed. A friend recommended Migratio to me, so I applied for a residence permit. Honestly, these guys worked so quickly; it even confused me at first. I assumed the process was long and dreary but no, all the preparations were made and boom, I’m only one step away from my dream. A month later, my documents were filed to the Spanish Consulate in St. Petersburg, and in three days my application was approved. It was much unexpected, I thought they would reject it, but I got lucky, incredibly lucky. I am leaving to settle there. I will renew the permit and file for my daughter once I’m in Spain.

  3. I studied with a girl from Moldova and even then I was thinking about changing citizenship. Moreover, my family once lived in Moldova so there could be roots and, possibly, even documents. As a result, I made up my mind and turned to Migratio for help. They proposed not to gain citizenship the usual way, since there were no documents confirming Moldovan roots and there could have been issues. We decided to try the investment route. I compiled the documents and the company was verifying them, filing them, etc. Yes, the process took a little longer but four months later everything was ready. Good company, nice staff. And all this has historical value to me, now I feel at home.

  4. I was interested in gaining foreign citizenship so I was choosing between either Cyprus or Malta. At Migratio they sorted everything out for me. Turned out that Cyprus has a very simple system – you just need to invest. The company’s employees helped me choose a property worth about 2.5 million and we started filing documents. I advise you to do it like me only if the investment pays off later because, yes, it is expensive. In my case, it was relevant because of the opportunity to easily visit the EU + the visa-free regime. I received my certificate six months later, had no problems with neither biometrics nor documents. The agent was always in touch which is very convenient.

  5. Due to my business growing , I decided to venture abroad. For a start, I focused on gaining permanent residence in Malta, considering their 2015 immigration program. I contacted Migratio and we met up to have a discussion. I was told that I needed to have an excellent reputation, some funds and no criminal record. Naturally, I had all of that, so they began to compile documents. I really liked that Malta has no requirements for residence. As for real estate, I chose to rent, not buy. Obviously, there were also bonds and fees. As a result, I filed all the documents and within six months I received permanent residence. As a bonus, I also got a Schengen Visa. I do not need to live in Malta permanently. I think that later I will file for my whole family. I’m also very pleased with the taxes which are more profitable for business.

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