Astonsa is an immigration company that helps gain residence permits in the UK, the EU and the Caribbean.

The whole process is carried out by top experts capable of selecting the most suitable program for the client.

At the first stage, the employees assess your purpose of immigration and give advice on residence or citizenship. Then the best option is chosen, and all necessary documents are compiled. After filing an application to the migration agency of the country, within a few months you will receive a residence card or a passport.

The company will help you move to the country of your choice, travel visa-free and gain access to first-class European education.

The company has over 30 years of immigration experience. The head offices are located in Moscow, London, Dubai and Beijing.

5 reviews

  1. I really liked the work of the company. Foreigners with Bulgarian roots can easily gain Bulgarian citizenship by law. Since I had the documents to prove this, I reached out to Astons. I liked that the company cooperates with a foreign agency. They helped me with the paperwork. I did not delve into the specifics of their work. An employee told me over the phone what exactly was necessary for me to bring, so that was exactly what I did. In the end, the process took about 3 months, but I didn’t have to bother myself. I received my passport in person, and I was happy with everything. Now I’m moving and starting a new life.

  2. I applied for citizenship in Montenegro. Despite the fact that my relatives live there, I decided to use the services of an immigration company, so I found Astons on the Internet. I would like to note that the company’s lawyers explained each stage of collecting documents in precise detail . Thanks to this, I saved a lot of time and nerves. In the end, everything was done quickly. I came to the Ministry with a lawyer for support. Eventually, I got into the electronic queue for citizenship. After receiving all the internal documents, I entered Montenegro. I feel more comfortable in this country, so I advise you to leave if you feel like it.

  3. My daughter is studying in Paris but getting a residence permit in France is quite difficult. We have already reached out to another company with this issue, but they could not solve it. However, Astons offered to help with citizenship of Cyprus, because with that you could easily move to France. We had a short talk, picked the program and in the end everything was done in 180 days. With a new passport we went to France; it turned out even more convenient. We purchased real estate here and as a result we pay taxes as citizens of Cyprus, which is much cheaper. As for the work of the staff, I am happy with everything, and my daughter is now close to me. Thank you for finding a way out of this situation.

  4. Originally, I was looking for a safety cushion for my family. Especially after the political situation escalated, I thought it would be better to move. To be honest, I wanted to apply for citizenship in the EU, but when I contacted Astons, it turned out that it was much cheaper to apply for Caribbean citizenship. In addition, such a passport provides more Schengen opportunities and you can travel to Asia without a visa. This was more convenient for my business, so the decision was made in favor of Grenada. The paperwork itself took about 3.5 months, which was quite fast. I didn’t delve too deep into the process, I just brought all the documents, and my lawyer was in touch with me 24/7. Now I am a citizen Grenada.

  5. In early 2019, my business began to slow down. It was especially noticeable because the partners from France and Germany refused to work with us. Everything pointed to the fact that the problem was in my citizenship, so I started thinking about changing my tax residency. The company’s lawyer advised that for these purposes it was necessary to change citizenship and act as quickly as possible, so that there were no such conditions about living in the country for a number of years. As a result, I turned to Astons, we picked Saint Lucia (the Caribbean). It took 3 months to gain citizenship. After my application was approved, I registered my business once again and now my business is thriving.

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