PassPro is a company for gaining citizenship by investing in the economy of the host country. The office is located in Dubai. There are also offices in the Dominican Republic, Antigua, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, and several other countries.

Over the years, the company’s specialists have prepared documents for gaining second passports for a significant number of people from three dozen countries of the world. Established business connections allow to solve customers’ issues.

The company implements a comprehensive approach, values confidentiality and promises prompt processing of applications. The company guarantees safe residence in the regions of emigration for the clients and their family members.

5 reviews

  1. Having a second passport makes life so much easier. Especially for those who travel around the world a lot. Previously, I had to constantly think about the fact that my European visa was soon to be expired. Now, I don’t need to think about it. Therefore, I consider the Saint Kitts passport to be a good investment. The procedure it takes about three months. Sometimes a little longer but not much longer. PassPro employees helped me with the paperwork. They are quite competent and responsible specialists. You are consulted and accompanies at all stages. The procedure fully complies with the law. No incorrect decisions. Only legitimate authorities.

  2. The main source of a man’s anxiety is concern for the safety of his children. Therefore, we as a family decided to gain citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis. When the procedure was completed, my son was able to enroll in a British College. He did not need a visa or residence permit to reside in the UK on a permanent basis. Before that, getting a Schengen visa to study was a real problem. And it took quite a lot of time to do all the paperwork. I turned to PassPro because it was recommended to me by good friends. They have previously worked with them. I was thoroughly impressed. This company is a team of true professionals. They work smart. They have a deep understanding of all issues. You can always consult with them.

  3. Since I’m in business, I often have to travel around the world. Therefore, applying for a second citizenship was a conscious decision. With it a visa is not required in many countries or it is much easier to get it. Now, I can freely attend conferences, exhibitions, and business meetings. Ms. Giselle helped me during the drawing-up of the passport procedure. During our interactions, I learned that she could be fully trusted. She knew all the rules for filing documents in detail. The process took two months. In such cases, this is not a lot. If someone decides to gain a second citizenship, I recommend you PassPro. With them, everything will be under control and will take little time.

  4. Second citizenship is a very convenient way to travel. By the virtue of it, I can go on vacation to the soothing Caribbean Sea at any time. PassPro employees helped me get an Antigua passport. I went through the entire process of dual citizenship registration with them from the beginning to the end. Through their partners they also helped me purchase a house with a plot of land in a safe area of St. John’s. My assistants took a very responsible approach to their work. We had a consultation during each step. They told us exactly what to do and how to do it correctly. As a result, everything went through via a simplified procedure in a very short time.

  5. I gained a second citizenship through this company. The lawyers took care of all the main paperwork. They consulted me and shared their experience. We agreed to arrange an interview at the Embassy. The process lasted about a year. I found working with the specialists was quite comfortable.

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